1) Festival – General information about the festival: 

What is the festival?

The OBEN OHNE Open Air in Munich is an annual non-profit festival for over 20,000 young people. The low age limit and affordable ticket price make the Open Air a low-threshold measure for youth work. With a constantly growing range of activities in the areas of inclusion and awareness, it aims to be the safest possible space for everyone to celebrate. 

If you have any questions about OBEN OHNE Open Air, please send an email to: kontakt@oben-air.de

When and where does the festival take place? 

When and where does the festival take place? 

The festival will take place on 20th July 2024 from 1pm to 10pm on Königsplatz. You don’t have to be there the whole time. You can also come later or leave earlier.

2) What can you do at the festival?

– You can enjoy music from hip hop to indie pop on the first and second stage.

– You can stroll around and enjoy food and drinks.

– You can find out about training opportunities and offers from our partners in the Future Park.

– Get to know the organisations of the Kreisjugendring München-Stadt.

3) How do I get tickets?

Tickets for the festival are already sold out.

Severely disabled people (degree of disability of at least 50 and B in the disability pass) are authorised to take an accompanying person with them. Admission for the accompanying person is free of charge. 

With a Juleica Card you can apply for a free ticket until 20th June. Please send us an e-mail to kontakt@oben-air.de

4) How do I get to the festival? 

The best way to get to the festival is by bike or by MVG lines U2 and U8 (Königsplatz underground station), U1 (Stiglmaierplatz underground station) or tram 27 and tram 28 (Karolinenplatz station).
It is also only a 10-minute walk from Munich Central Station to the festival site.

Unfortunately, there are only few parking spaces around Königsplatz. Therefore, please refrain from driving and use public transportation. If you are using a bicycle, please remember that the bicycle stands on and around the Königsplatz cannot be used and that bicycles may not be locked to the fence around the site.

5) How do I get to the festival site? 

You will find the entrance and the station where you will receive your admission wristband on the side of Königsplatz where Luisenstraße is located. A fast line on the streetside of the Lehnbachhaus allows visitors who already have a wristband to enter the festivalsite more quickly.

You will receive your wristband on the day of the festival or on the evening before the festival at Königsplatz.

When entering the festival, you will be checked by our security service. To ensure the safety of all visitors and to enable a relaxed day, you will be asked to open your bag for inspection.

Not allowed on the festival site: 

– PET bottles over 0.5 litres, drinking cartons over 1 litre, all glass bottles, (spray) cans and alcoholic drinks

– Umbrellas over the size of a handbag

– Backpacks and bags over A4 size

– Professional cameras without accreditation, Go Pros, selfie sticks

– Cutting, shooting and stabbing weapons of any kind

– Fireworks, sparklers and other pyrotechnic items

– drugs

– Pets

6) What does the festival look like? 

You can find the site plan below the text.

There are two stages at the OBEN OHNE Open Air. 

The mainstage is located at the Propyläen on the opposite side of the entrance. The following artists will be performing on it this year: 01099, Domiziana, Bibiza, Esther Graf, Ansu, Siovo, Ela, Falschgeld

The secondstage is located behind the Schattenpark, which you can find behind the Glyptothek. Here you can see these artists performing live: Zimmer90, 3LNA, Ellice, DiggiDaniel, Fiio, Vandalisbin, Kilean812

Visit the spaces of our partners in the area called ‚Future Park‘ to get information about their training opportunities and offers. 

The spaces of associations belonging to the KJR are located on the opposite side of the road that divides the Königsplatz into two halves, as seen from the Future Park. 

Surrounded by the associations and the Future Park, at the end of the of Königsplatz, you will find food and drink booths. 

There ist the possibility to fill up your own drinking bottles or cups at the drinking fountains marked on the map. So please bring your own water bottle and remember to drink enough water.

For wheelchair users, we have a platform positioned in front of the Glyptothek from which you have a good view of the mainstage. Behind the platform you will find the barrier-free toilets. 

7) You have to leave the festival site again?

That’s not a problem! If you have already exchanged your ticket and entered the festival, you can still go out again in between. To do so, please use the large exit gates on the left and right on Luisenstraße behind the stage.

8) Do you need help?

You will find the Service Point to the right of the Mainstage. It is your contact point if you have any questions about the festival or need support or help. Here you can get FM receivers or earplugs, everyday aids (e.g. period items) and a way to charge your mobile phone.

9) Awarenessconcept

The festival should be a place where everyone feels comfortable. We do not tolerate any discrimination, assaults or harassment. Be nice to each other and respect individual boundaries. 

What is awareness? 

Awareness means attention and consciousness. For us, this includes questioning our own privileges and acting prudently. In doing so, we orientate ourselves towards the needs, boundaries and perceptions of others. It is important to be open to new perspectives and to broaden our own horizons through dialogue with others.

Therefore, the following rules apply at our festival:

– Your boundaries are individual, just like those of others. Therefore, respect the boundaries of your fellow human beings and ask!

– We act according to the principle „only yes means yes!“, no always means no! „Maybe“ or remaining silent does not mean yes.

– We do not tolerate discrimination based on gender identity, social background, sexual orientation, religion, ideology, disability or age

– If you feel able to do so, you can also show solidarity and stand by those affected, even together with others. Discrimination concerns us all!

– We reserve the right to exercise our domiciliary rights and exclude people from the event who do not adhere to our principles.

Are you concerned about something?
Are you experiencing discrimination?
Someone around you needs support?
Do you need a safe place?
You feel threatened or (sexually) harassed?
Are you experiencing or observing an assaultive situation?

Come to the Safer Space or speak to the Awareness Team. You can recognize them by their purple vests. You can also contact the awareness team using the button in the app and share your location if you or someone else urgently needs help.

We understand awareness as a continuous process of reflection, learning and unlearning. If you have any suggestions or if something is missing, please let us know! Either by email at kontakt@oben-air or contact us directly at our awareness stand at the festival.

10) Can I take part in OBEN OHNE myself? 

The OBEN OHNE Open Air could not take place without your support. Every year we rely on the help of a great crew of volunteers. We look forward to your help at OBEN OHNE 2024!